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We offer multiple pricing packages to meet the needs of our clients. On-site classes, with each participant receiving a nutritional plan and recovery plan.

One-off class for $500, available for up to 15 employees. For clients interested in more than one class, we offer an 8-week series for $250 per class for $2000 total.

We also offer 2 classes per week, for a yearly retainer at $1000 dollars month. All participants receive a nutrition plan, recovery plan, and have access to individual training at $75/hr.

Personal training sessions are available starting at 75/hr.


IRONBOUND Fit is a corportate Health and Wellness enterprise, that helps employees get fit, have fun, and support the local economy.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the Newark business community and the local populace, by supporting free recreation for Newark Youth. In addition, as we scale up, we intend to employ Newark teens and young adults to teach our boxing wellness classes. Through our combined efforts, we strive to build meaningful relationships between our clients and the local youth we serve.

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Our History

In February of 2017, Mike Steadman and Gary Bloore launched the IRONBOUND Boxing Academy, a nonprofit boxing gym that provides free recreation to Newark Youth. In an effort to fund the Boxing Academy, along with our persona brand education programs via our nonprofit IRONBOUND USA, Mike started IRONBOUNDFit. As a result, IRONBOUND has grown into full-scale social enterprise, with a for-profit and non-profit arm. Utilizing the hybrid business model allows us create bigger impact and utilize multiple streams of income to fund our operations. Our intent is to scale IRONBOUND into a national program, in order to support youth and young adults inner-cities across the country.


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